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Women of Impact

Oct 14, 2020

Do you find yourself being spoken down to, disrespected, or repeatedly walked on by others? Do you later wish you had spoken up for yourself and had a confident presence that commanded respect? On this episode of Women of Impact, Former Secret Service Agent and Author Evy Poumpouras sits down with Lisa Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore how to handle disrespect and stick up for yourself in all situations. They talk about how to defend yourself in a non-physical way, the power of self control, how to walk away from people in your life that need to be let go, how to deal with being spoken down to, and personality red flags to watch out for.

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Handling Disrespect | Evy shares a story of handling disrespect as a secret service agent. [2:57]

Defend Yourself | Evy reveals the importance of defending yourself in a non-violent way. [7:02]

Self Control | Evy discusses the elements needed to non-physically stand up for yourself. [7:24]

Common Denominator | Evy shares her story of recognizing and owning her temper. [8:56]

Trust | Evy describes conditional and unconditional trust and our emotional responses. [11:18]

Own Your Response | Evy shares the power of owning how you respond to situations. [14:37]

Walk Away | Evy shares when to know it’s time to walk away from someone. [19:38]

Phones | Evy shares why you should be open with your phone in a relationship. [20:22]

Jealousy | Lisa discusses handling jealousy in her relationship with Tom. [22:42]

Starts With Trust | Evy reveals how to handle the fine line of jealousy in a relationship. [24:03]

Size Doesn’t Matter | Evy discusses the importance of how you carry yourself. [27:00]

Persona Red Flags | Evy discusses the two types of personas to watch out for. [31:20]

Being Spoken Down To | Evy and Lisa discuss how to handle being spoken down to. [33:50]

Letting Go | Evy discusses her process of letting someone go and moving on. [38:47]

Connect | Evy shares how to connect with her and follow her. [40:56]




“You’re not going to own my response to you, I’m going to own it.” [16:39]


“You get what you tolerate.” [18:56]


“My success in standing my ground wasn’t really about my physical strength, it was about my mental conviction. I had to speak with confidence to make sure those who heard my message, heard it clearly the first time and when I did act, I had to do it so in a way that assured it would not be mistaken for weak or uncertain of my abilities." [27:05]