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Women of Impact

Dec 9, 2020

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Its time to awaken a radical confidence within. No longer will you listen to your fears, self-doubt, or negative inner-voice. Now is the time to reclaim the confidence you deserve, own your decisions, and live life unapologetically. On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu takes on questions submitted by you, the audience, and answers them in a no-BS way so that you can begin to overcome your fears and awaken an unshakeable confidence within. She discusses how to overcome self-doubt, how to get over your fear of failure, how to have an inner voice that builds you up instead of bringing you down, why you need to be your unapologetic-self, the power of having conviction in your decisions, why you shouldnt let others erode your self-worth, and how competence leads to confidence.




Intro | Lisa opens todays episode on becoming radically confident. [0:55]

Self-Doubt | Lisa reveals how to overcome moments of uncertainty self-doubt. [2:10]

Paralyzing Thoughts | Lisa reveals how to get over your fear of failure or change. [8:17]

Inner Voice | Lisa shares how to change your inner voice to one that hypes you up. [13:54 ]

Unapologetic You | Lisa reveals how to live without worry of what others think of you. [18:00]

Staying Confident | Lisa reveals why you need to have conviction in your decisions. [26:00]

Believe In Yourself | Lisa reveals why you shouldnt let others erode your self-worth. [32:06]

Competence | Lisa shares why your confidence is connected to your competence. [35:12]




Its not that you want confidence. Its not that you personally are looking to only build confidence. Confidence is a tool, right? So you want confidence to do something else. You want the confidence to be able to get started. [12:08]


Flip the switch. Tell yourself, Perspective is everything, and tell yourself that, Im gonnarewind the gameplay, Im gonna come up with a better plan, because thats how I get better.”” [21:37]


The second you feel like you have to defend your decision, what are you actually saying to yourself? Youre saying that, This isnt for me, this isnt my decision, other people get to weigh in. Fuck that shit. Like, seriously no one gets to weigh in on your decision. [26:56]