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Women of Impact

Nov 4, 2020

Is your greatest enemy, or bully, in life actually yourself? Do you put yourself down, tell yourself, “You can’t do it,” or shut down your own dreams before even giving them a try? On this episode of Women of Impact, empowerment coach, podcast host, writer, and athlete Roxy Saffaie joins Lisa Bilyeu to discuss such matters and more as they explore how to stop fighting with yourself and start fighting for yourself so that you can lead an empowered and confident life. They discuss the importance of turning up the volume on yourself in everything you do, why you have to have self-love, the incredible reward of always taking on challenges in pursuit of victory and change, how confidence will dramatically shape your life, the importance of staying true to your authentic self, and how to stay motivated each and every day in your relentless pursuit of greatness.


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Intro | Lisa introduces and welcomes today’s guest, Roxy Saffaie. [1:44]

Fighting Yourself | Roxy discusses why we rarely fight for ourselves. [2:27]

Turn It Up | Roxy shares what it means to turn the volume up on yourself. [4:08]

Awareness | Roxy reveals the importance of knowing and loving oneself. [7:04]

Self-Love | Roxy discusses what it means to practice having self-love in life. [9:06]

Know Yourself | Roxy shares why discovering who you are only is crucial. [14:09]

Tension | Roxy discusses why challenge is the path to victory and change. [16:25]

You Got You | Roxy shares why you have to be relentless and keep going. [20:01]

Confidence | Roxy reveals the power and importance of having a confident mindset. [21:05]

Authenticity | Roxy discusses how to do things that honor your authentic self. [22:42]

Physicality | Roxy shares the importance of training, movement, and exercise. [24:03]

Fuel | Roxy and Lisa discuss where their confidence and drive come from. [29:30]

Rituals | Roxy shares the power of morning rituals and consistency. [34:44]

Connect | Roxy shares how to follow and connect with her. [36:28]



“I want to hit all my goals, right? But what I’m really interested in is, “Who am I on the way to the goal?”” [12:17]

“…on the other side of challenge is victory.” [16:29]