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Women of Impact

Jan 6, 2021

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Are you currently on or considering a plant-based diet? Have you been convinced that animal protein and eating meat is detrimental and a danger to your health? You would be surprised to know these current narratives being spun around in the medical community are simply wrong and are, in fact, the real danger to your health. On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu is joined by Dr. Gabrielle Lyon to discuss such matters and more as they explore how the trending narratives in the medical community are leading you astray, arent rooted in true medical data, and may be jeopardizing your health longterm. They discuss why red meat is something you should have in your diet, why most medical studies get healthy diets wrong, the pitfalls in a vegetarian diet, what optimal eating looks like, why protein is powerful for achieving great health, why your goal should be to optimize your health and body composition, the differences between plant and animal protein, and how you can start to eating healthier for longevity.



Intro | Lisa opens todays episode about food shaming and welcomes Dr. Lyon. [0:54]

Red Meat | Dr. Lyon reveals the one thing you can do to optimize your health. [4:13]

Whats Factual | Dr. Lyon discusses why some groups refuse to listen to true data. [8:56]

Vegetarian | Dr. Lyon reveals how she got sick from being a vegetarian. [14:01]

Optimal | Dr. Lyon reveals the exact diet she recommends for optimal health. [16:30]

Why Protein? | Dr. Lyon reveals the power of packing your diet with protein. [17:58]

Body Composition | Dr. Lyon reveals why you need enough muscle. [20:24]

Optimize | Dr. Lyon reveals why you should care about protein and muscle. [21:30]

Plant vs Meat | Dr. Lyon reveals the key differences between protein types. [23:10]

Younger | Dr. Lyon reveals why most vegetarians and vegans are young. [25:20]

Longevity | Dr. Lyon reveals what she concluded from seeing people live unhealthily. [28:03]

Obesity | Dr. Lyon reveals why weve been focusing on the wrong thing. [31:03]

Start | Dr. Lyon reveals how you can get started to shift your diet to optimize yourself. [33:11]

Feeling | Dr. Lyon reveals how to be in tune with your health and how you feel. [37:39]

Real Talk | Dr. Lyon reveals why what she teaches and believes is so significant. [38:46]

Success | Dr. Lyon reveals what success looks like to her on this journey to educate. [40:45]

Connect | Dr. Lyon shares how you can connect with her to learn more. [42:12]



This really isnt about protein, this is about longevity. How you want to live?” [18:28]


We are missing the much bigger picture. And the much bigger picture is longevity and how you want to age and how you want to function. [20:50]


“…were going to be victim to what people tell us. And if you are victim to what people tell you,  you dont have a chance. [40:04]