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Women of Impact

Aug 13, 2021

Are you or your partner extremely competitive? Does it sometimes get out of hand? Are you looking for ways to support each other while still having a healthy dose of that intensity? On this episode of Relationship Theory, Lisa and Tom Bilyeu sit down to discuss such matters and more as they explore how you and your partner can be competitive with one another in a healthy way that pushes each other while still showing support, care, and love. They discuss the tactics they use to strengthen their relationship, how to properly be competitive in your relationship, how to handle intensity when competing, why you should push each other, and how to be each other’s biggest fan.



Tactics | Tom and Lisa discuss the best tactics they use to strengthen their relationship. [0:30]

Competitive | Tom and Lisa discuss being competitive with each other in their relationship. [2:16]

Intensity | Lisa and Tom reveal how they handle intensity when being competitive. [5:22]

Working Together | Lisa and Tom discuss how they want to push each other. [7:10]

Winning | Lisa and Tom discuss encouraging each other on a path towards winning. [9:08]

Be Their Fan | Lisa and Tom discuss why you should cheer on your partner. [10:40]



“You can’t imagine how gross I would find it if you thought you had to lose to me. That’s so emotionally weak when somebody can’t, like, tolerate that.” [8:34]

“Just putting them first and saying, “I believe in you so much and I really want to see you succeed,” gives a support that I don’t know how to replicate other than that, like be your partner’s biggest cheerleader. So powerful.” [10:19]