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Women of Impact

Apr 29, 2020

Kelley Earnhardt Miller, one of the most prominent businesswomen in NASCAR, oversees a company with 125 employees, protects the legacy of one of the most famous names in racing, and still manages to find time to nurture her family. That would be challenging enough under normal circumstances, but right now circumstances are the opposite of normal. And during the difficult times everyone is currently facing, her insights and advice are more valuable than ever. On this episode of Women of Impact with Lisa Bilyeu, Kelley Earnhardt Miller discusses managing emotions in times of fear and uncertainty, explains how she balances running a juggernaut of a business with the needs of her family, and talks about why it’s so important to make other people feel like they matter.

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How do you manage your emotions in times of fear, uncertainty and the unknown? [3:14]

Focus on what you can do right now, on what you can control [6:01]

Kelley explains how she remains optimistic and adaptable [7:52]

Even when you have negative experiences or emotions, owning them helps [9:45]

How to juggle working from home and raising kids [11:46]

Kelley advocates doing the right thing, always, and communicating transparently [14:09]

Kelley describes trying to minimize the impact of quarantine on her employees [15:28]

What does it mean to aim for the “win-win”? [17:01]

How do you live a balanced life in the midst of pandemic, quarantine and recession? [19:39]

Kelley talks about how important it is to actually carve out time and make a schedule [22:05]

It was hard for Kelley to get remarried after feeling she failed at her previous marriage [24:09]

Kelley explains why she didn’t postpone her book release [29:14]

Kelley shares her superpower [31:49]