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Women of Impact

Jan 30, 2019

Brittany Burgunder is a Certified Professional Coach (C.P.C.) specializing in eating disorders and the author of Safety in Numbers: From 56 to 221 Pounds, My Battle with Eating Disorders -- A Memoir.  In this episode of Women of Impact she talks about her journey through eating disorders and how to recover to become your best self.

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Why we lean on external validation to feel accepted [02:46]

The control element of eating disorders [04:28]

Why real change takes time and effort [07:19]

The question every woman should ask herself [09:18]

How to find your own voice [12:21]

How to differentiate between feeling lonely and needing to be alone [14:58]

Why you need to have a "why" [18:17]

How to avoid the trap of identity [19:41]

The importance of doing scary things [24:36]

Recognizing and reversing self-sabotage [25:47]

Tips for accepting yourself as you are, while still wanting to change [29:45]

Why labeling yourself is dangerous [32:53]

Why Brittany published her private journals after recovering from her eating disorders [35:57]

How to turn your rock bottom into your greatest strength [40:20]

Why Brittany felt like a fraud after publishing her book [42:50]

Brittany's superpower [45:40]