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Women of Impact

Jan 20, 2021

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Believe it or not, the person you talk with most in your life is actually yourself. Are you treating yourself with kindness, grace, acceptance and love? Or are you harsh, unkind, brutal, and unforgiving towards the person you see in the mirror? Its time for you to away from the scale and step towards a path of self-love and acceptance. On this episode of Women of Impact, Lisa Bilyeu is joined by award-winning fitness instructor, entrepreneur, and creator of Blogilates Cassey Ho to discuss such matters and more as they explore why its critical you silence your inner negative-voice and begin to treat yourself with love, acceptance, and grace everyday, no matter your weight or size. They discuss the importance of being your true self, why you should love yourself unconditionally, how to end your negative thoughts, the four stages of your relationship with the scale, how to approach health, how to stop hating yourself and start loving yourself instead, the rules you need to set for yourself, why grace is important in growth, and the key steps you can take to get started today.




Intro | Lisa opens todays episode and welcomes todays guest, Cassey Ho. [0:47]

Transformation | Cassey shares her realization that she wasnt being truly herself. [3:02]

Be Kinder | Cassey reveals why you need to be kinder to yourself. [6:05]

Change | Cassey shares how you can start to break your negative thoughts. [6:41]

Be You | Cassey shares why you should never let others dictate your decisions. [9:09]

The Scale | Cassey shares the four relationships you have with the scale. [11:21]

Health | Cassey reveals why you cant go overboard and disregard your health. [16:01]

Stopping | Cassey shares the time when she had to stop a workout YouTube video. [18:12]

Love Yourself | Cassey shares how to love your body while still pushing yourself. [20:26]

Journey | Cassey shares her journey to being physically and mentally healthy. [24:10]

Rules | Cassey shares why you should create a flexible structure for yourself. [25:35]

Adapt | Cassey shares why its okay to have setbacks on your journey forward. [27:18]

Slipping Back | Cassey shares how to avoid fluctuating and reverting back. [28:25]

Confidence | Cassey shares how accomplishing your goals builds confidence. [30:46]

Comparing | Cassey shares why you shouldnt negatively compare yourself to others. [32:31]

Grace | Cassey reveals why you should give yourself grace to slip from time to time. [36:25]

Get Started | Cassey reveals what you need to get started on your fitness journey. [40:28]

Connect | Cassey shares how you can continue to follow and workout with her. [41:58]




You know, theres a camp of people who believe that if you want to change, it means you dont love yourself No, you can do both because in loving yourself, you want to improve yourself…” [10:26]


So, I highly suggest that anyone going through an abusive scale relationship, they need to take the scale out of their life until, at some point, they can see the scale again simply as a tool, not as something that can tell you if youre going to have a good day or a bad day…” [14:28]


When you go on any type of journey, you have to write out your rules so that you stay in line and I think its really important to be very strict and ridged with yourself so that you know exactly where youre going and how youre going to get there…” [25:38]