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Women of Impact

Sep 26, 2018

Former Access Hollywood reporter and founder of Hybrid House Productions, Alex Hudgens, sits down with Lisa to discuss why you can’t let fear run your life.


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Taking the risk of moving to Hollywood from a small town [1:48]

What’s the worst that can happen? [3:16]

Introvert vs Extrovert: Where do you draw energy from? [4:08]

Everything is a choice you have to make [5:31]

Fake it till you make it [6:45]

Be active and present in finding the joy in what you’re doing [10:54]

What’s the best that can happen? [12:25]

Setting your goals to the highest level [13:19]

Not letting fear run your life [14:22]

Look for excitement and what feels right [18:04]

Training your subconscious to trust yourself [21:13]

Holding yourself accountable to setting goals [23:04]

Balance your choices in service of your vision [25:54]

Choose your version of joy [30:32]

Giving your all instead of living with “what if?" [32:14]

Pulling out the superpower in others [33:37]