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Women of Impact

Aug 26, 2020

Anjali Kumar, author of the provocative book “Stalking God”, realized when her daughter started asking spiritual questions that she didn’t know what she believed about big ideas like God, religion and faith. So, she went on a journey to discover and understand her own beliefs. On this episode of Women of Impact, Anjali Kumar describes her journey of spiritual curiosity, talks about what she learned, and ultimately says that we may all be looking for the same things, no matter how different our practices look on the surface.

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When Anjali raised her daughter, she realized that she didn’t know what she believed [2:56]

Anjali shares the story of how she started her journey to questioning her faith [4:58]

Anjali talks about how spiritual practices like meditation are no longer seen as “woo” [6:37]

The spiritual communities Anjali met with were very welcoming and encouraging [8:11]

Anjali describes her reasons for avoiding the “big box” religious gatherings [11:12]

Anjali shares some of her more uncomfortable and challenging experiences [13:08]

Anjali explains how she balanced personal stories with a desire for evidence and data [15:12]

Many people on different spiritual journeys are all looking for the same thing [17:29]

Lisa and Anjali discuss our need to see our connections and similarities [23:22]

Anjali strongly advocates staying open and curious [26:30]